Inline Quality Control on Matte Surfaces

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The Surface Control 3D 3200 3D snapshot sensor was specifically developed by Micro-Epsilon for precise geometry, shape and surface measurements on matte surfaces via inline quality inspection. Together with the 3D Inspect software tool, the 3D sensor reliably detects even small unevenness and height differences due to high z-repeat precision of up to 0.6 µm, according to the manufacturer. Further advantages are the high measurement accuracy combined with fast data processing and the compact design. The sensor is available with measuring ranges of 80 and 120 mm. According to the supplier, commissioning and parameterization can be carried out easily. Data output is via Gigabit Ethernet as well as an additional digital I/O interface. In addition, the 3D snapshot sensor is compatible with 3D GigE Vision, enabling integration into third-party image processing software. The software package is rounded off by a comprehensive software development kit for customer integration.

Autor(en): Micro-Epsilon

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