Highly weather resistant, deep matt structural powder

IGP has launched a new highly weather-resistant, deep matt textured coating powder (IGP-HWFclassic 591T parkour) with increased scratch resistance and optimised adhesion to a large number of chromium-free pretreatments. This is a further development of the fine structure powder IGP-HWFclassic 591T for highly weather-resistant applications in architecture with energy-efficient stoving conditions from 170 °C. The powder is also available in a variety of chromium-free pre-treatments. According to IGP, the first pilot customers are already appreciating the greater film flexibility and the associated improved mechanical processability of the coated workpieces. A significant optimization of the scratch resistance is said to have been achieved on the surface of the fine structure. It should be robust during assembly, transport, cleaning and daily use. The new coating powder enables homogeneous coating results even with varying layer thicknesses. The manufacturer recommends the coating powder for facade elements, window and door profiles, surfaces subject to wear such as handrails, railings or street furniture as well as for sun and weather protection elements.


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