Grinding and polishing units for laboratories and high sample throughput

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The AutoMet types 250, 250 Pro and 300 Pro are a new family of semi-automatic grinding and polishing machines from Buehler. The variants with the addition Pro are optimized for users who have to pass large sample volumes in materials testing or other demanding environments, such as the automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, heat treatment and metal industries. Programming functions including method storage and Z-axis controlled material removal contribute to uniform results. Type 250 instruments are designed for 8" or 10" diameter disks and specimen diameters up to 40 millimeters, type 300 instruments for 10" or 12" disks and specimen diameters up to 50 millimeters. The non-programmable AutoMet 250 is equipped with a digital display and is controlled via a membrane control panel.

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