GemaConnect®: Connect – Analyze - Optimize

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The web-based tool stores real-time powder coating data and provides comprehensive monitoring and analysis capabilities from a single source. Operators, maintenance personnel and management are provided with validated tools through dashboard visualization and data analysis of key coating indicators. This enables them to make quick and informed decisions to improve their individual powder coating process and equipment performance. In addition to viewing real-time information on the production status, maintenance and operational status of the plant, users can put customized indicators and favorites on their screens to keep critical areas in view. Furthermore, GemaConnect provides historical information about the performance and utilization of the plant as well as relevant process parameters. GemaConnect is suitable for companies that want to improve their overall operational efficiency, maximize resources and reduce operating costs. Production managers and senior executives use GemaConnect to continuously monitor the coating process. This improves the utilization of coating equipment and optimizes production flow. The software also offers the possibility of preventive maintenance, which increases the availability of the equipment.

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