Fire-resistant composite coating for outdoor applications

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A fire protection technology based on ceramifying polymers was developed for composite applications. Finnester Coatings' new product HybridRed combines fire and exterior resistance with decorative properties. The coating is specially designed for infrastructure applications in the energy industry, for bridges or facades. The coating can be applied like a paint, but forms a ceramic shield when exposed to fire. Ceramification extends the final ignition times and slows down flame propagation. Due to the ceramic technology, the coating does not contain any flame retardants and is therefore non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The coating protects the composite material against fire, UV rays, weather influences and vandalism. As a decorative solution, it offers a smooth and glossy surface in a variety of colours. Composite materials generally have many advantages; they are lightweight, robust and require little maintenance. They are also easy to process into different shapes in different colours. Their biggest weakness, however, is that they have no fire tolerance and therefore burn easily. The new coating solves this problem.

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