Extraction and filter systems in a new generation

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The extraction and filter systems of ULT AG are used for the removal of airborne hazardous substances, which arise during joining, separating or surface processing of all kinds or during refilling processes. With the ULT 160.1 series, the company offers a new generation of mobile extraction and filter systems for small and medium quantities of air pollutants. In addition to a new design and improved device handling, the system series also features a high filtration rate and quiet operation. Special filter combinations in the units increase the separation efficiency and thus ensure longer filter service life, which results in significant cost savings. Due to the mobile and compact design, the systems are suitable for flexible use at changing manual workstations. The devices can be connected to external systems for automated operation, such as laser marking systems, soldering machines or painting equipment, via a D-Sub interface. www.ult.de/en/

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