Energy-saving and more sustainable baking of powder coatings

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The development of energy costs and the increasing uncertainty regarding the supply of energy sources pose major challenges for the entire industry. Consideration of the environmental footprint of products and processes used is becoming increasingly urgent, affecting all actors in the supply chains and society as a whole. Powder coatings are chemically cured at higher temperatures and are therefore specifically affected by this issue. Coating systems that allow lower oven temperatures, shorter curing times and, ideally, longer coating lifetimes are therefore very much in tune with the times and in line with a long overdue, more sustainable focus for this industry. Karl Bubenhofer AG has many years of experience in the field of energy-saving low-temperature and ultra-low-temperature powder coatings in countless applications. Compared to conventional products, the amounts of energy typically required for the baking process can be reduced by 5 to 30%. Fast-reacting powder coating systems are also suitable for increasing production speed and, in some cases, significantly improving workplace comfort at the coating line by reducing heat dissipation into the surrounding area. Polyflex series fast-reactive powder coatings are available in a wide range of surface finishes for both interior and exterior applications in non-labelled versions.

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