Efficient and gentle deburring of complex components

Whether milled, turned or punched - in none of the manufacturing processes can a burr be avoided when machining metallic workpieces. Especially in the case of small components with complex geometries and hard-to-reach areas, mechanical processes for eliminating these sharp-edged metal run-offs reach their limits. With a new chemical deburring process SurTec presented an efficient alternative at the DeburringExpo 2019. Especially for small turned, punched and milled parts made of ferritic steel SurTec 451 enables the gentle processing of the components as bulk material in a drum or as rack material. In this way, burrs up to several tenths of a millimetre in size can be reliably removed. Both the concentrates and the active baths of SurTec 451 do not contain hydrofluoric acid, which reduces the risk of industrial accidents and environmental damage.

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