Efficiency increase and cost reduction in powder coating

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The Nordson Dynamic Contouring Mover (DCM) System combined with the soft spray increases the automatic coverage of complex forms and achieves the highest process control in your powder coating application. The DCM System automatically detects the part geometry and delivers superior coating performance by adjusting the position of each spray gun. Part geometries are scanned with the highest level of accuracy detecting protrusions larger than 5 mm at a line speed of up to 5 m/min*. The information is quickly processed by the PowderPilot HD system controller and sent to the DCM. The smooth operation of the DCM System has a positioning speed of up to 500 mm/sec and accuracy of ± 1 mm to bring the soft spray to the optimum distance of the target product surfaces. The result is superior coverage of complex shapes.

The benefits of the DCM System are:

  • Optimize automatic powder coating of complex parts
  • Reduce powder consumption by improving the applied coating uniformity
  • Increase productivity by reducing touch-up
  • No need of programming – fully automatic positioning
  • Stay in control of all system functions and data collection with the PowderPilot HD system controller


Autor(en): Nordson

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