Durable offshore coating

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Master Builders Solutions has launched MasterProtect 9000, a coating system that is designed to provide maintenance-free protection for offshore and marine structures for 25 years. The new coating system is based on a wear-resistant hydrophobic PU membrane. This provides a high level of protection for the two most critical areas of offshore structures: the splash and underwater areas of the foundations. Further properties of the system are its chemical and mechanical resistance and high flexibility. The hydrophobic properties protect the steel structure from the corrosive conditions in seawater. The chemical and mechanical resistance of the product is designed to withstand strong attacks by waves, abrasion and impact, especially in the splash water area. Its high flexibility ensures that the protective barrier does not break and retains its integrity even after many years of weathering, abrasion and vibration. The material significantly reduces coating time and costs compared to the most common epoxy paint systems, as the complete system can be applied in just one day. The system has been tested by the Fraunhofer Institute according to the international standards Norsok M-501 and ISO 20340.


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