Clean, burr-free parts for the automotive industry

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The automotive industry requires particularly clean components and highly reliable systems for cleaning and deburring them. With this in mind, the cleaning machine manufacturer BvL Oberflächentechnik has developed its Niagara DFS basket cleaning machine and its Geyser high-pressure deburring system. The Niagara DFS machine, which uses an immersion/spray system and a spinning wheel, cleans parts thoroughly and on all sides by rotating the baskets or parts holders around their horizontal axis. The in-line material flow concept reduces waiting times to a minimum. This in turn leads to shorter cycle times and an increased capacity. The Geyser high-pressure deburring machine (shown in the picture), which has an integrated robotic system, reliably removes swarf and burrs using high-pressure jets of water from several rotating nozzles and lances that are aimed at critical areas of the component. One customer uses the system to clean gearbox parts, among other things. The machine is designed to provide short cycle times and to be used in volume production processes. In one specific case, the empty parts holders are sent through the washing system, which is integrated into the high-pressure machine, while the component is being deburred. The deburred part is then placed on the clean parts holder and this prevents the part from becoming contaminated by any residues on the parts holder. The compact, container-style design of the high-pressure deburring machine means that it is easy to integrate into existing production processes. The machines and their components are made from high-quality stainless steel and are designed to coordinate with one another. The components of the machines can also be customised to meet individual requirements.


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