Centrifugal machine for thin, high-precision stamped parts

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Walther Trowal has brought a range of new Turbotron centrifugal disk finishing machines onto the market. The machines' new "gap rinsing" function allows them to be used for finishing small to medium-sized components and high-precision stamped parts that are extremely thin. The machines help to keep investment costs to a minimum and have a very low rate of wear. They are fitted with spinners and wear rings made from polyurethane and a rinsing system for the gap between the spinners and the work bowls. This system prevents thin parts from becoming caught in the gap between the machine’s two components and being damaged as a result. Until now removing burrs and rounding the sharp edges of thin, relatively small parts required the use of centrifugal disk machines with special spinners made from ceramic or steel. To prevent thin parts from being trapped in the gap between the rotating spinner and stationary work bowl, the gap had to be set very carefully. Since even minor damage to the delicate spinner could result in high repair costs, the engineers began looking for a more cost-effective solution. The new machines resolve this problem and make it possible to use spinners and wear rings made from polyurethane, which the manufacturer also fits to its standard machines. This reduces customers’ investment costs, because the material is much easier to manage than ceramic, for example. In addition, the gap size can be easily adjusted with the automatic gap setting system. The pressure created by the rinsing system ensures that thin parts can no longer be drawn into the gap between the spinner and the wear ring during processing. The centrifugal disk finishing machines are available as stand-alone units that are loaded and unloaded manually. They can also be combined with a loader, a screening machine and a media return conveyor to form large, fully automatic systems.


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