Automated XRF for rapid coatings analysis

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The FT200 Series benchtop XRF analyzers have been designed to significantly reduce the time taken to make a measurement. Recognizing that the most time is taken with sample setup and measurement recipe selection, engineers at Hitachi have created analyzers that effectively ‘set up’ themselves, making it possible to analyze many more parts within a single shift.

Increased productivity

Automation and innovative software are what make the FT230 and FT210 analyzers. Smart Recognition modules such as Find My Part™ mean that all the operator needs to do is load the sample, confirm the part and the instrument takes care of the rest. It will find the right measurement locations on your part, select the correct analysis program, and send the results to your quality system. Time and human error are reduced, and you get more analysis done in less time, making 100% inspection realistic in a busy production environment.

Expanded RoHS capabilities

The FT230 can also be used to check materials for conformity to hazardous substance directives. The RoHS screening capabilities are built into the operating software interface, ensuring analysis is simple and seamless. From simple plating and coatings to sophisticated applications on the smallest features, the FT200 series is designed to confidently measure coated parts throughout production, from incoming inspection, process control through final quality control.

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