Automated Coating with Waterborne Coatings

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From metal workpieces to automotive components and wood: Wagner's high-speed rotary atomizers can be used in numerous industrial sectors and achieve extremely efficient coating results on both small workpieces and large surfaces. The previously available Topfinish Bell 1S and Topfinish RobotBell 1 products are equally well suited as all-round devices for water- and solvent-based coatings. Both models are now available as variants with external charge with the name suffix "ECH" ("external charge"). They have been specifically developed for demanding applications with waterborne coatings, where a particularly high coating quality is required. The external charging of the coating material is decisive here: The high voltage emitted via the electrode ring ionizes the ambient air in such a way that the sprayed material is charged. The grounded workpiece is electrostatically coated. Compared to internal charging, external charging has the considerable advantage that the overall system does not have to be specially insulated for use with waterborne coatings to ensure an absolutely safe coating process. Plant costs for waterborne coating applications are thus significantly reduced. Both models can process even higher-viscosity materials well. Thanks to the modular concept, they can also be converted in just a few minutes to a version with internal charging for use with solvent-based coatings, without having to modify the complete structure of the overall system.

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