Aqua Coatings now also 2K-ready

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Water-based coatings for the professional sector are now just as efficient as conventional solvent-based 2KPUR coatings. The one-component aqua coatings from Remmers, for example, require neither hardeners nor thinners, are resistant to mechanical loads and household chemicals and are easy to apply. Their application spectrum ranges from furniture coating to interior finishing. They are used for coating stairs, interior doors and parquet floors. Some of them are also 2K-ready and can be used for glass coating, for example, with the addition of the crosslinking agent and glass coating additive Aqua VGA-485. The 2K ready coatings include the non-fading Aqua-CL-440 Color Coating as well as the multi-layer Aqua-CL-445-color coating 4in1, which serves simultaneously as an insulator, filler, color coating and topcoat. The transparent Aqua-SL-418-layer coating has a high level of resistance and ensures particularly good kindling. In the case of the colorless Aqua-NEL-419/05 natural-effect coating, the finished surfaces have no tendency to shine, and the coating is also visually and haptically imperceptible. Aqua-TL-412 stair varnish is a particularly high-solids and abrasion-resistant product that dries quickly and has excellent fullness. With the exception of Aqua-CL-445- color coating 4in1, all the above-mentioned 1K coatings are flame-retardant and are therefore also suitable for marine interior finishing.

Autor(en): Remmers

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