Yaskawa and Phoenix Contact announce partnership

Yaskawa, a manufacturer of motion control, robotics and frequency converters, and Phoenix Contact, a manufacturer of automation solutions, announce a partnership agreement to use Phoenix Contact's PLCnext technology to develop next generation machine control platforms that will implement the i³-Mechatronics solution under the leadership of Yaskawa. The common goal of both companies is to provide an open and future-proof ecosystem for industrial automation. In this context, Phoenix Contact has licensed its PLCnext runtime environment to Yaskawa and agrees to future joint further developments. Yaskawa sees PLCnext Technology as the most open of the automation platforms available today, combining programming according to IEC 61131-3, modern programming languages, safety hardware and software, and the safety of industrial control systems. The company will use PLCnext Technology to further expand and develop its range of machine control systems. With the combination of open control technology, modular engineering software and online community, PLCnext enables easy adaptation to changing requirements and efficient use of existing and new software applications. Together with a digital marketplace for software and systematic cloud integration, the open ecosystem from Phoenix Contact is well equipped for industrial automation and the challenges of the IoT world.

The combination of PLCnext Technology with Yaskawa's proven motion control engine and robust controller hardware results in a control platform that is open, flexible and powerful and is based on the proven PLCopen toolbox solutions for logic control, machine control and control of delta and articulated arm robots. The new Yaskawa platform will combine controllers for logic, machine control and robotics with solutions for industrial 4.0 applications. It will also expand Yaskawa's range of control technology with solutions for network security and control system safety.

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