Worldskills winners set new standards in car painting

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The winners of the special edition of the 2022 Worldskills competition set new standards in expertise and sustainability in the car painting category. The event took place from October 18 to 22 at College360, the largest general and vocational education institution in Silkeborg, Denmark. Thirteen of the world's best painters competed in various disciplines over four days. "We were delighted that the greatest young talents in car painting found their way to Silkeborg. With their passion and determination, they are an example to us all," said Simon Neergaard-Holm, CEO, Worldskills Denmark. "All finalists, and especially the winners, will be celebrated at WorldSkills Denmark for their performance and enthusiasm - as they represent an outstanding generation of young talent in the industry." First place in car painting was shared by Victor Berthelier of France and Jongyun Kim of Korea. The bronze medal was awarded to Craig Kennedy from the United Kingdom. The coating talents and country experts were provided with a series of customized webinars showcasing the refinish coatings, processes and color matching solutions from Glasurit, BASF's refinish brand. Finalists were trained in a hybrid format by in-country Glasurit experts, with access to all product and process data in the Glasurit platform, which is one of the most comprehensive refinish knowledge bases in the industry and includes e-books and video training. The special edition of the Worldskills competition was the official replacement event for the 46th edition of Worldskills, which had to be cancelled in May due to a pandemic. Shanghai, China, was originally scheduled as the venue. Instead, a total of 62 competitions in 15 countries and regions will run for 12 weeks from October to the end of November. In line with the Worldskills brand, the special edition is also designed to promote the professional skills of young talents around the world.

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