VinFast - Highly automated paint shop with integrated IIoT solutions

VinFast, a subsidiary of VinGroup and the first volume manufacturer in the Vietnam automobile market, is currently building a Smart Factory in which 250,000 vehicles per year are to roll off the assembly line in the first phase – initially with conventional drives, later also with electric drives. The paint shop at the Haiphong plant is currently being installed by Dürr. The plant is highly automated and incorporates all techniques of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). In addition, an innovative layout concept allows a particularly space- and cost-saving building design. In just under eight months, VinGroup erected the paint shop building for which Dürr developed the layout concept. The layout minimizes investment and operating costs, among other things because it only requires two levels and no penthouse. The compact design saved approximately 15,000 square meters of concreted space. The demand for maximum automation of production processes and logistics is met with IIoT-capable machines throughout. They are controlled, monitored and monitored in real time using Dürr control technology. Each body receives a digital quality certificate for the drying process. The data from the IIoT-capable dryer (EcoInCure) is recorded and evaluated for this purpose. With the dryer, VinFast is also technically prepared for the future expansion of the model range by electric vehicles. The new paint shop will be equipped with the latest generation of fully automatic robots (Ecopaint). The rotary dip painting process (RoDip) and dry separation (EcoDry X) are also used.


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