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The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA and UiPath, a provider of automation software for companies, have begun a strategic collaboration to further advance the digital transformation of industry. The goal of the cooperation is to jointly research and develop use cases for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in industry and implement them together with industrial companies in the future. Fraunhofer IPA and UiPath are developing joint use cases around process automation in the control and monitoring of a clean room and the monitoring of a process for cell cultivation. The first project will be carried out in the clean rooms of Fraunhofer IPA. During production, processes and environmental conditions in the clean room must be constantly monitored to ensure optimum product quality and to be able to detect possible negative influencing factors at an early stage. The challenge is to collect data from a wide variety of sources (environment, process, product) simultaneously and make it available flexibly for further analysis. To make this possible, the two cooperation partners bundle and process the data on the UiPath platform. In the future, the information and models obtained should provide a good overview of the current situation in the cleanroom without employees having to enter it. In addition, they should be informed at an early stage about changes in the production process and supported in their decision-making in problem situations. To this end, the next step will be to develop analyses and models that make it easier to compare historical data with the current situation. On this basis, it should also be possible to make predictions that inform employees at an early stage about potential product influences and quality risks.

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