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With surfaces and decors that offer haptic experiences and high technical performance, Continental presented sustainable approaches for the coming furniture year at the international furniture accessories trade fair Sicam from October 17 to 20 in Pordenone, northern Italy.

"Consumers are looking for sustainable products - and furniture manufacturers are looking for companies that produce components for them," explains Jörg Biller, Head of Interior Living EMEA at Continental Surface Solutions. "That's why we have developed many of our products in such a way that they pick up and continue this trend." One example of this is Skai rPET PureLux, a plain-colored design laminate with an anti-fingerprint effect, soft-touch feel and 100% recycled material in the PET polymer. According to the manufacturer, the furniture film conserves natural resources thanks to its high recycled content and is produced in Germany under ecologically and socially responsible conditions.

In addition to reducing the carbon footprint and creating a circular economy, as with rPET PureLux, Continental is focusing on positive sustainability effects during use. For example, the surfaces can be given special properties such as resistance to disinfectants, antibacterial coating and anti-fingerprint effect. Staynu technology plays a key role here, combining these properties and enabling high technical performance. According to Continental, surfaces finished with Staynu are particularly dirt-repellent, easy to clean and scratch-resistant. These properties should help the furniture surface to have a long life and make it sustainable in the literal sense of the word.

In addition to sustainability and technical performance, the surface experts at Continental are also focusing on special design. The trend is for extremely matt surfaces that invite you to touch them, as well as grooves and slats. "They radiate safety and security," explains Jörg Biller. Skai Milano uses natural wood decors combined with individually selectable colors. The color serves as a visually defining feel-good factor. The new slat structures, which create light/dark and light/shadow effects, support the homely feeling.

As a new interpretation of a classic far removed from its rustic roots, the Skai Casella oak furniture surface is part of the exhibited portfolio. The focus: naturalness. Thanks to its matt surface and unusual veneer character, the decor proves that oak can also be restrained and elegant, according to the supplier.

The Skai Milano wood decor with its grooves and slats plays with light and shadow, creating an impression of organic depth. This creates targeted accents in the interior design. Furniture fronts, carcasses, partition walls and large wall panels are just a few examples of applications that are intended to appear more lively.

A new and modern interpretation of the look of stone - this is the Skai Memy ceramic decor, a fantasy decor based on concrete. Small, light-colored stone inclusions create a microstructure that is interrupted by subtle quartz veins. The result is an authentic stone look - modern and minimalist. The decor can be used on large areas of 1-D, 2-D and 3-D fronts.

Continental produces Skai surfaces in Germany. The plants use only renewable energy and material waste is recycled wherever possible. The plants are particularly energy-efficient and exhaust gases are filtered. In addition, the distances to the European furniture manufacturers are short. "Many of our customers are prepared to break new ground," explains Jörg Biller. "The market is unstable and fragmented, which is why it is all the more important to respond flexibly to changing customer requirements. As a supplier, we want to make our contribution and introduce new approaches. That's why we are focusing even more strongly on sustainability and offering more and more PET films, especially with 3D effects."

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