Sustainable and efficient cleaning of components

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The requirements in production plants are no longer just about the production process and maximized output. New regulations and standards are being introduced worldwide with regard to environmental protection, waste reduction and the exploitation of resources, the implementation of which presents companies with new challenges. There is also a need for action when it comes to water consumption. The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) closely links water consumption with energy and food production. As water is a finite resource, the production sector is in direct and fierce competition with other sectors, with food always having priority over the manufacture of machines or components. In addition, the use of hydrocarbons should also be reduced, as the requirements for their disposal and processing are becoming increasingly stringent and the associated costs higher. Longer lifetimes of process materials such as lubricants and cleaning media play an important role here. Less expensive maintenance work and the possibility of reprocessing must also be taken into consideration when deciding on certain process fluids.

Recyclable industrial cleaner

Castrol has recently developed a recyclable industrial cleaner (Techniclean XBC) for the metalworking process chain that increases productivity while reducing waste disposal costs by up to 60 percent, reducing water consumption and improving the overall working environment. The new cleaner offers very good demulsifying performance for easy separation of tramp oil and extends bath life. Due to the equivalent "chemical DNA", it is designed for maximum compatibility with the cooling lubricants Alusol XBB and Hysol XBB from Castrol. Instead of being disposed of at the end, the used cleaning solution can be recycled into the cooling lubricant system without any loss of performance. This reduces water consumption and disposal costs or eliminates them completely.

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