Strikingly electrifying blue becomes car color of the year

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Axalta Coating Systems has announced its Car Color of the Year 2023: Techno Blue - an ultra-modern blue with color-shifting effects. Techno Blue is a vibrant color that is in tune with today's vibrant energy. The extravagant hue also embodies the transition from the real to the virtual world. The company presents a trend color for the ninth year in a row. Axalta's trend study from 2022 Automotive Color Trends "Powered by Color" highlights generation-specific trends, the changing reality of life, and positive outlooks for the future that will shape the automotive color of 2023. "This year's color is a vibrant hue that exudes positivity," explains Hadi Awada, senior vice president of Axalta's Global Mobility business. "Techno Blue stands in stark contrast to the classy Royal Magenta, Axalta's Color of the Year 2022, causing people to have a change in attitude towards future thinking. I'm proud that our Mobility team continues to drive trends throughout the automotive industry." The color was created for various paint solutions and enriches Axalta's already diverse color palette.

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