Smart disinfection of vehicle interiors

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The automotive and vehicle industry, whether in B2B or B2C business, has to deal with vehicle disinfection. The customer demand for protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi is enormous and will not change in the long term. Also painting equipment manufacturer Sehon offers with its Biocleen division a holistic concept for professional vehicle disinfection. It is crucial that the interior of a vehicle is not attacked or changed. The Biocleen disinfectant is not a hazardous material, is not flammable and cannot explode. It does not contain perfume, alcohol or other dangerous or corrosive substances. Furthermore, the product is ph-neutral. These characteristics are not only important for vehicles, but also for customers and employees who work with or come into contact with Biocleen. It is also biodegradable. Within one minute, the agent has a bactericidal (kills bacteria, germicidal), virucidal (makes viruses harmless) and fungicidal (kills fungi and their spores) effect. Microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi are reduced by 99.9%. This also includes corona viruses. This is because Biocleen has a non-specific effect, i.e. not only on certain microorganisms, but on all. The disinfection works via vehicle fogging. A fogging device is hung in the vehicle interior. This nebulizer converts the disinfectant into a microfine mist that is used to fill the entire vehicle interior. The disinfectant mist settles everywhere in the vehicle and thus disinfects the entire vehicle cabin. The fogging is fully automatic and of the best possible quality, which cannot even come close to being achieved by manual disinfection.

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