Simply Automate Painting Processes

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Automated, flexible, and high-quality painting processes have long been standard in the automotive industry and are increasingly in demand across all sectors. Dürr is therefore adapting its painting technology to robotic solutions for general industry. In the latest cooperation with Kawasaki Robotics, both partners have prepared products from their respective portfolios so that they are electromechanically compatible with each other. In the “ready2integrate” concept, various Dürr products are available whose interfaces harmonize perfectly with Kawasaki robots - including dosing pumps, paint changers, paint spray guns and the Eco Bell 2. Selected Kawasaki robots have been matched to the Dürr Eco AUC control system. With the help of a selection matrix, products from both companies that match each other can be selected, installed, and commissioned in a short space of time. In this way, robots and painting equipment can be easily combined to form a robot-assisted painting system.

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