Seven-axis robots paint electric vehicles

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With its new plant at the company location in Chongqing, Sokon is aggressively driving forward the development of electric mobility. The production technology itself is also trend-setting. For the first time, a third-generation Dürr painting robot is being used in a Chinese automobile factory. Thanks to its seven rotary axes, the EcoRP E043i robot is much more mobile than previous painting robots with six axes. The additional joint extends the working range of the robot. As a result, it can easily reach even hard-to-reach areas when painting the interior of the car bodies. Up to now, painting robots have often moved on horizontal traversing rails. Thanks to the high mobility of its 7-axis kinematics, the new robot no longer needs these. This significantly reduces the investment and maintenance costs in the spray booth and also allows a better view of the spray booths. A total of 60 Ecopaint robots of the latest generation are used in the Sokon filler, top coat and clear coat lines for interior and exterior painting. 

Image: Dürr's new generation of robots will soon be painting electrically driven SUVs in China.


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