Sames Kremlin becomes Sames

With the change of name from Intec Sames-Kremlin and Sames Kremlin to Sames, the company underlines its guiding principles and addresses the technological and environmental challenges of its customers, partners and employees. At the same time, the new name combined with the new logo reduces the complexity of the Group's different brands: the historical brands Kremlin, Sames, Rexson and Intec become Sames. The name stands for the acronym Simply applying most efficient solutions. For the German site in Erftstadt near Cologne, the new name means one thing above all: "With the planned merger of the two companies Sames Kremlin GmbH and Intec Sames Kremlin at the end of the year, it is not only our employees who will benefit from simplified corporate processes. The synergy effects in the development and production of complementary coating and adhesive solutions will also ultimately benefit our customers and promise holistic concepts for success. The new corporate mission statement behind Sames serves us as a signpost towards even more innovative, efficient and socially and ecologically sustainable corporate activities," says Dirk Löchner, CEO Germany.

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