Rising sales in the area of sensors and measurement technology

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The AMA Association for Sensor and Measuring Technology (AMA) surveyed its approximately 450 members on economic development. The members stated that they had generated an increase in sales of 2% in the third quarter of 2022 compared with the previous quarter. If the sales development is considered with the result of the third quarter of 2021, there is a significant sales increase of 10%. Sensor manufacturers supplying the automotive industry recorded slight growth, while suppliers to the sensor and measurement technology and electronics sectors performed more weakly. Incoming orders in the industry developed in the opposite direction in the third quarter, falling by 3% compared with the previous quarter. However, the industry remains optimistic and does not expect further declines in new orders in the fourth quarter. When asked about the threat posed by the impact of the war in Ukraine, nearly half of AMA members fear a very serious threat to their own business. The other half of AMA members do not currently recognize a serious threat to their own company.  "Our industry is sending mixed signals at the moment, which can be explained by the unclear political and economic situation worldwide," says Thomas Simmons, AMA managing director. "Sales growth in sensors and metrology continues to be positive compared to general economic growth. However, incoming orders are weakening for the first time in two years. In my view, however, it is still too early to derive a trend from this. However, the general economic development in the user markets will not leave our industry unscathed."

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