Premiere in China: Rotary upsetting process with electric drive

The FAW-VW joint venture renews a paint shop in China. The plant manufacturer Dürr is responsible for the conversion. The rotating upsetting process with electric drive (RoDip E) will be used for the first time in China from commissioning in September 2019. So far, the mechanical version (RoDip M) has been preferred in the Chinese market. The variant with electric drive, which is now being used for the first time in China, has a separate drive for the rotation in addition to the travel drive in each of the freely programmable carriages. The individually programmable crawler tracks enable optimized diving curves for the respective body. According to Dürr, this leads to even better coating quality, increases energy efficiency and thus enables a further reduction in unit costs. In addition to replacing conveyor technology in the areas of pretreatment and cathodic dip painting, Dürr is also renewing conveyor technology in adjacent areas. In addition, the dryer and cooling zones as well as the PVC workstations will be extended. The aim is to increase capacity to 65 units per hour and to integrate a new, larger vehicle model into the production process. Reiner Schmid, CEO of Dürr in China, comments on the rebuild: "The advantages for the customer of this modernization are not only an increase in capacity but also lower maintenance costs, simpler operation and higher plant availability.

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