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740px 535px outstanding solution - there is no doubt about that! But first things first: This year, the German Industrial Parts Cleaning Association (FiT) presented the Fit2clean Award for the first time. With this award, the association wants to contribute to the promotion of innovations in the field of parts cleaning and to honor outstanding achievements and solutions. The award, which is endowed with 10,000 euros and one year's free membership in the trade association, was first presented in 2022 - and is to be presented annually from now on. In addition to JOT editor-in-chief Holger Seybold, the jury is made up of other specialists from science, research, industry and the media. After the award ceremony at this year's Parts2clean in Stuttgart, the final result is official: 3rd place goes to a new development from ACP Systems, which generates a pulsating jet for the established CO2 snow blasting process that has significantly higher kinetic energy and thus an optimized cleaning effect. Second place goes to Ecoclean for its newly developed Acoustic Performance Measurement (APM). Here, a special microphone monitors ultrasonic power, frequency and temperature during cleaning, allowing deviations to be evaluated and documented. First place goes to the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA). What may seem absurd at first - using the flammable gas butane as a cleaning medium - reveals a great deal of potential for an energy-saving parts cleaning process on closer inspection. Butane becomes liquid at a slight overpressure (approx. 5 bar) and then, already at room temperature, possesses not only excellent cleavage properties but also a very high dissolving capacity for oils. When the pressure is reduced to normal, it evaporates, so that there is no need for separate drying of the components - nor is there any need for a cooling section. Even the drying process is absolutely residue-free. In addition, the cold released during evaporation can be used to cool other processes. The JOT editorial team extends its warmest congratulations!

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