Paint manufacturer Mankiewicz presents its shades of the year 2023

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Every year, the in-house design department of Hamburg-based paint manufacturer Mankiewicz takes a close look at social trends and influences and translates them into three shades. In 2022, numerous crises and strong global challenges determined the basic moods of society, and many are convinced that they have a difficult future ahead of them. The longing for lightheartedness is correspondingly great. The counterbalance to this mood can be found, among other things, in a tendency towards escapism. Colors that help people feel good or that tell positive stories are increasingly preferred. Instead of clear, bright tones, soft nuances are found, sometimes reminiscent of fantasy worlds or creating a surreal wonderland mood through transparency and color gradients. But the colors of nature are also popular: green, sand and earth tones have a stabilizing, reliable and calming effect. Mankiewicz picks up on these connections with its colors of the year and directs the focus for 2023 to colorful feel-good characters. The choice fell on subtle nuances with an openness to design and creativity. In general, it can be said: 2023 is primarily about quieter color accents rather than bold statements. "Fée-Dragée" is the French name for the Sugar Plum Fairy from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker. The shade is found as a mild pink somewhere between ballet tutu and strawberry milk. The mild pink is reminiscent of soap bubbles, flower petals, and the sky at dawn. Still, the hue can add a fresh, non-cheesy accent when designing interiors or product surfaces, Mankiewicz says. On the surface, it should exude softness, charm and friendliness. Mushrooms are reminiscent of earthy forest floor, while at the same time they are a mysterious life form that follows its own rules. "Oyster Mushroom" is a neutral, slightly grayish shade of brown, which can also be found in snail shells, tree bark and animal skins. Undyed wool and rough textiles also served as inspiration. The slightly irregular hue was created by the multicolor effect. According to the supplier, the resulting surface radiates softness and closeness to nature. However, Oyster Mushroom is also suitable for more elegant contexts. Green is a shade that is immediately associated with nature, growth and health. Yet green has many faces. "Under Leaves" is not on the rich, punchy side of green, but on the side between mild, grayish sage and petrol tones. The idea behind the hue: when diffused light passes through green foliage, the surroundings can appear slightly bluish. In addition to a sense of depth and tranquility, mysticism and enchantment can also resonate here - whether you're above or below water. Under Leaves aims to play with these associations and, according to the manufacturer, is a shade that shows true strength of character when cleverly combined.

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