New Training Center for Employees in the Wind Industry

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Since October 2020, the Rodopi Group has been operating a training center in Xanthi, Greece. Here, the company now offers various safety training courses for employees in the wind industry. However, the training courses are also suitable for employees from other industries or industrial sectors, such as transport, crafts or construction. The courses offered are designed to help workers operate securely and build a sustainable safety culture. “By offering practical courses, we want to create a working environment in which injuries are no longer an issue. In addition, further training can increase the efficiency of work on wind turbines and also opens up new career opportunities for the participants. Many skilled workers in the industry do not come from Germany and through training they gain skills that meet German standards,” says Ercan Kara Osman, Managing Director of Rodopi Blades as well as Robur Rodopi Balkan. Through partnerships with experienced companies, the group can offer hands-on training in which participants earn internationally recognized certificates. For example, the training program includes the two-day BST Module 4 “Working at Heights” and a one-day refresher course with the same focus. “In addition, we also offer video courses so that training participants can access our learning content at any time and from anywhere,” concludes Kara Osman.

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