New campus in Shanghai

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Dürr has opened another modern campus site for around 800 employees in Shanghai. The office and technology complex in the Qingpu district has been home to the group’s Chinese activities in the painting and environmental technology field since the end of February. Dürr's investment amounts to around 25 million euros. The new site covers a total area of 20,000 square metres. A validation centre, where Dürr now offers painting robot pre-commissioning services to Chinese customers, covers around one fifth of the site. Until now, robot pre-commissioning for the Chinese market has been carried out only in Germany. Another new facility is the test centre, which takes up an area of around 2000 square metres. This enables customers to perform many product and application tests locally that could previously only be carried out in Germany. There is also a training centre with a floor area of 2600 square metres which provides practice-based training courses. The offices account for almost 9000 square metres of the site. The new site is part of the Qingpu High Tech Park and is in the immediate vicinity of a production plant opened by Dürr in 2012. All Dürr's facilities in the area are therefore very close together, which allows for efficient communication in the Chinese painting and environmental technology business.

Picture: In Shanghai, Dürr has opened another modern campus site for around 800 employees.

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