New Byton Paint Shop: Space-Saving Oven Technology for Electric Cars

The new car brand Byton is consistently designed for the mobility of the future. The Chinese start-up commissioned Dürr to construct a complete paint shop. From October 2019, the new Chinese OEM Future Mobility Corporation (FMC) will produce electric vehicles under the Byton brand at its company site in Nanjing. The new paint shop is initially designed for 150,000 vehicles per year – equivalent to 30 units per hour. Electric mobility goes hand in hand with modified body concepts that use new materials or combine materials in new ways. The fundamentally new concept in vehicle drying developed by Dürr (EcoInCure) not only ensures uniform heating of the vehicle bodies, but also has a particularly space-saving design. The oven transports the bodies transversely, thus halving its length compared to conventional systems. Overall, Dürr has reduced the paint shop's footprint by 20 percent. The overspray in the paint booths for the primer and top coat is separated by a dry separation system.

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