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Axalta, a global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, announced the launch of Axalta Mobility Coatings, a rebranding of its Transportation Coatings business unit. The redefined business will focus on supporting the accelerating demand for e-mobility and the evolving coatings needs of established and emerging light and commercial vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), fleet owners, and shared mobility providers. In today’s existing transportation ecosystem, liquid and powder coatings provide essential beauty and color to vehicle bodies while adding corrosion and impact protection. As the industry evolves, each emerging dimension of mobility – electric vehicles, shared transportation, and autonomous driving – requires coatings with advanced functionality that, in addition to aesthetics and protection, contributes to the efficiency of electric motors and components, vehicle design, navigation, and passenger safety, among other areas. As part of the rebranding, Axalta Mobility Coatings is unveiling a new solutions portfolio in three categories: Core Mobility Solutions, Advanced Mobility Solutions, and Axalta Advantage. Core Mobility Solutions comprises Axalta’s basecoats and clearcoats for color and beautification along with primers, electrocoats, and powder applications for surface protection. Advanced Mobility Solutions encompasses products and applications for mass customization, two-tone color, and digital paint. Axalta Advantage features expert services and consulting to improve productivity in and outside the paint shop.

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