Materials from Asahi Kasei receive ISCC-PLUS certification

Asahi Kasei and companies affiliated with the Group as joint ventures or subsidiaries have obtained the widely recognized ISCC PLUS international certification for key chemical precursors, polymers, and rubber materials. The certification ensures that biomass, recycled materials and so on are appropriately managed throughout the supply chain, including manufacturing using the mass balance method. As part of the medium-term strategic plan "Be a Trailblazer" implemented in 2022, Asahi Kasei is currently expanding its range of more sustainable materials. By focusing on the use of renewable energy, as well as mass-balanced and recycled raw materials, the company aims to contribute to a carbon-neutral and more sustainable world. The mass balance method is a globally used method to calculate the proportion of sustainable raw materials for individual products given a mix of sustainable and petroleum-derived raw materials. Asahi Kasei Plastics Singapore Pte Ltd (APS) APS plans to produce PPE using sustainable raw materials from January 2023.

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