Intelligent visualization of coating systems

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Successful IIoT (Industrial Internet of things) solutions must enable simple linking of several coating systems in a company. This also includes a clear system visualisation and a notification system that is available to the user at any time and from anywhere. With the web-based information and management platform Coatify from Wagner, coating systems can be intelligently visualized. Even the entry page offers the operator an overview of all lines, their status and the most important productivity figures. It is the starting point for the individual dashboards: detailed, visually clearly structured and attractively prepared reports for each integrated line. Current parameters such as coating time, number of coated parts or conveyor line can be displayed and historical parameters can be compared. The measured values of the last 365 days are used as reference values. The evaluation can be displayed over freely selectable periods of time as a graphic, for example, also per shift. Everyone involved in the production process benefits from the platform's high level of transparency and ease of use - from the operator to the production manager and from the quality manager to the quality manager. Costs are continuously optimized and high production quality is ensured.

Productivity increase of up to five percent

Thus, optimization potentials quickly become apparent and the success of the measures taken can be easily tracked. The awareness of plant utilization, cost reduction and quality is increased. The platform also displays warnings and notes. If the Wagner service is required, the information can be forwarded directly. Using a remote function, Wagner employees can access the line controls directly and carry out remote maintenance if necessary. The use of the platform is expected to increase productivity by up to five percent. This results from higher line availability, tight process control with notification function, short reaction times and anticipatory service measures such as the timely replacement of wear parts.

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