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Whether as a supplier for large-scale production in the appliances or building industries, for the manufacture of heavy equipment and agricultural machines or for cars and their components: job coaters play an important role in many branches of industry. The challenges in coating lie in the variety of the respective end products and in the different quality requirements. A good example that illustrates the complexity of substrate treatment is the automotive industry. This industry places the most exacting demands on the finishing, on the one hand, and on applications involving hot-dip galvanized material (so-called duplex coating systems), on the other. Job coaters regularly treat many different types of products in parallel. Thus, it is important not only to have detailed knowledge about the most diverse substrates, but also to be able to handle different coatings in a very flexible manner. The Surface Treatment global business unit of BASF’s Coatings division, operating under the Chemetall brand, offers a wide range of technologies for long-lasting corrosion protection and excellent paint adhesion suited for the most diverse industries and applications. Chemetall adapts the respective processes to the individual quality requirements of each customer to achieve an optimal cost-benefit ratio and set up a production process that is as economical and ecofriendly as possible.

Corrosion protection in C5 quality

The Dutch company Dijkman Coating specializes on paint stripping, pretreatment, powder coating, galvanizing and the corresponding logistics for various industrial sectors. To comply with the European chemicals regulation REACH, Dijkman Coating has decided to completely eliminate chromium-containing technologies. In doing so, the production is Qualicoat, Seaside, Qualisteelcoat and EN-1090 certified and meets the highest quality standards. Dijkman Coating and Chemetall cooperated closely to obtain this certification. The main focus lies on the application of Chemetall’s eco-friendly, multi-metal pretreatment technology Oxsilan. After an analysis of the process flows and requirements, Dijkman Coating adapted the Oxsilan technology to its existing production lines, plant capacities and manufacturing expertise in such a way that very high quality grades are reliably achieved with the highest corrosion protection class C5. This had been previously checked in a test series with more than one thousand hours of sample testing in the Technical Laboratory at Chemetall’s head office in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The complete article was published in IST 02/2021.

Autor(en): Thomas Willumeit, Chemetall GmbH; Roel Dijkman, Dijkman Coating, 's-Heerenberg (Netherlands)

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