Guideline for the identification of non-compliant shot blasting machines

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A shot blasting machine marketed for the first time in the European Economic Area must comply with the legislation and with all applicable safety and environmental requirements. As with other products, the manufacturer of a blasting machine with the CE mark confirms that the product complies with the relevant EU directives, the compliance is mandatory.

In the VDMA AK Strahltechnik, the member companies dealt in practice with recurring cases in which basic safety requirements for blasting machines were not met. A major problem is that customers usually can not recognize whether a blasting machine meets the quality requirements or not.
Guideline as valuable assistance

The new guideline offers blasting technology laymen the opportunity to identify non-compliant blasting machines. The member companies of the VDMA AK Strahltechnik have compiled examples of non-compliance with the quality requirements. Only such examples are listed, which can be recognized without special knowledge of the blasting technology and have been noticed repeatedly in practice. The guideline is applicable to wheel blasting and air blasting machines. On the basis of easily recognizable criteria, for example the type plate or various aspects of machine safety, the guideline creates the prerequisites for an initial assessment of the system. If discrepancies are already evident, it is advisable to consult an expert to assess the compliance of the blasting machine.

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