Further VOA project groups take up the work

At the Association for the Surface Finishing of Aluminium e.V. (VOA), a member of the European Association for Surface Treatment on Aluminium (ESTAL), VOA members work in special project groups on current, future-oriented topics in order to provide the industry with practical solutions and research results. In summer 2020, three more project groups were founded. They deal with the topics of process documentation, foiling and powder coating works certificate. Together with the external expertise of testing and research institutes, the VOA members have so far worked in twelve project groups on topics such as scratch sensitivity in powder coatings, chromium-free pretreatment during coating or pre-anodization and have developed practice-oriented solutions. The project groups will be closed when the previously defined goal has been achieved. There is also a permanent project group that deals with the regular updating of the data sheets.

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