First powdered paint manufacturing facility in the Baltic States

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On November, 2018, Virumaa Technopark in Narva, Estonia, held opening ceremony of the Primatek Coatings plant that will be producing powdered paints. Primatek Coatings is the first powdered paint manufacturing facility in the Baltic States. The products of the company will be sold to consumers in Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Northern Europe. The plant’s production capacity is up to 7,000 tons of powdered paints a year. The plant will manufacture a broad range of durable and fade-resistant paints for metal surfaces. Future buyers of the products include manufacturers of furniture for Ikea, racks for supermarkets, construction and warehouse equipment, components for cars, household and industrial equipment, tools, aluminum windows and architectural sections. The labs of the plant have been equipped with modern machinery, which will allow the new enterprise to develop quickly many types of powdered paints.

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