Dürr to build three paint shops for BMW

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BMW is relying on Dürr technology to expand its painting capacities in Asia and Europe. Dürr is building a new paint shop in Shenyang (China) and expanding an existing paint system. BMW will build another new paint shop with Dürr in a new plant in Debrecen, Hungary. The orders for the construction of the two plants in China were booked in the fourth quarter of 2019. BMW has been operating a Dürr paint shop in Shenyang-Dadong since 2016, and its line capacity is now being increased. In Shenyang-Tiexi, where BMW has been painting with Dürr technology since 2013, Dürr will build another painting plant in a new production facility. In addition, BMW is already planning a second expansion stage in Tiexi and has agreed the later expansion with Dürr. Also agreed with the Stuttgart plant manufacturer is the construction of a paint shop in Debrecen, Hungary, where a new BMW plant will be built with the start of production in summer 2023. For the first time, BMW is relying on skidless conveyor technology throughout the new plants in Debrecen and Tiexi. The car bodies are only transported through the systems on trusses. This eliminates the space required for the return transport of the skids as well as the cleaning effort for skids in the top coat area. All in all, this results in compact and scalable layouts.

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