Dürr Supplies 16 Robots for Turkish Aerospace

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In Turkish Aerospace’s new high-tech production facility, 16 robots from Dürr will coat more than 50 different components in two highly automated paint shops in the future. Dürr developed a new solution for this which, for the first time, enables both water-based and solvent-based 2C and 3C paints to be metered and mixed directly in the robot. Dürr received the order in September 2020. Freezing cold temperatures of negative 76 °F at high altitudes, roasting hot temperatures of 140 °F when landing in a desert: the coatings used in the aviation industry have to meet high functional and safety requirements because of the temperatures and weather conditions they are exposed to. There is also the aesthetic consideration, given the important contribution made by the color scheme to an aircraft’s brand recognition. The range of main colors, hardeners, and thinners stipulated by Turkish Aerospace is very extensive, and requires a complicated color supply system. To meet these challenges, Dürr took its system for water-based and solvent-based 2C paints out of its standard automotive painting setting and enhanced it. The system at Turkish Aerospace meters and mixes all three of the necessary components so that the incompatible water-based and solvent-based paints can be processed directly in the robot without coming into contact with each other. This is the first time that such a complicated metering and mixing technology has been mounted so close to the atomizers.

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