Dürr Group achieves record levels of incoming orders

The Dürr Group is reporting record levels of incoming orders and sales revenues for 2019 and has exceeded its earnings targets adjusted during the year. According to preliminary figures, order volume grew by 3.7% to Euro 4,076.5 million. Environmental technology and the growing demand for production technology for electric cars were the main contributors to this growth. Compared to 2018, orders for e-mobility production technology rose by 44% to around €390 million. With a sales increase of 1.3% to EUR 3,921.5 million, the operating EBIT margin reached 6.7% and exceeded the July target of 6.0 to 6.5%. The environmental technology division Clean Technology Systems, which primarily supplies systems for cleaning polluted production exhaust air, achieved a 74.0 % increase in orders in 2019. The business with production technology for electric vehicles accounted for 22% of the automotive order intake in 2019. Order intake for plant engineering for the automotive industry grew by 3.1% in 2019. The Paint Robot Division increased its order intake by 1.3% to a record EUR 640.8 million despite the lower automotive production. The increase in Group sales (+1.3 %) was driven by growth in environmental technology and paint shop construction as well as a disproportionately high increase of 7.7 % in service. Capital expenditure rose by 37.9 % to EUR 102.6 million. The outlook for 2020 is based on the assumption that the overall economic situation will not deteriorate further. For the first quarter Dürr expects a noticeable burden on earnings due to shifts caused by the corona epidemic. However, the Board of Management currently assumes that the losses can be largely made up in the further course of the year if the situation largely returns to normal in the second quarter.


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