Dark Colours Characterise Automotive Colour Trends in 2018/2019

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Achromatic colours are the focal point in Automotive Colour Trends 2018/2019, which is published annually by designers from the Coatings division of BASF. As innovations such as artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and robotic industrialisation continue to take hold, a return to people's needs and emotions becomes increasingly important. The designers at BASF Coatings have translated these observations into a collection of 65 colours for automotive surfaces. Dark colours, blue hues and complex effects represent the omnipresence of technology. In addition, BASF addresses future mobility with the continued development of functional colours. The connection between the real and virtual worlds as well as the relationship between earth and space are captured in BASF's key colour in North America, Atomium Sky, a deeply saturated blue with a medium coarseness that transitions to a softer, semi-opaque hue in longer grazing angles. For the second year in succession, BASF has selected blue as its key colour in North America. This is a result of its growing prominence in the region.

Picture: The key colour for the EMEA region is a dark grey, metallic anthracite, representing the blending of humans and technology.

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