Busch Vacuum Takes Over Centrotherm Clean

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Busch Vacuum Solutions, one of the largest vacuum pump manufacturers, has acquired centrotherm clean solutions, one of the technology leaders in industrial exhaust gas purification systems.

Together with Pfeiffer Vacuum, which has already been part of the Busch Group for some time, the companies want to continue to grow in the field of sustainable exhaust gas purification technologies for the semiconductor market. Sami Busch, co-CEO and co-owner of the Maulburg-based company, sees the merger as a decisive step in the long-term strategy of advancing sustainable technologies and solutions. The innovative exhaust gas purification solutions from centrotherm clean solutions are a perfect addition to the product portfolio of Busch and Pfeiffer Vacuum. The companies are already working together successfully on individual service projects. The integration under one umbrella should make it possible to offer sustainable vacuum solutions as an overall concept.

Centrotherm clean solutions, with headquarters in Blaubeuren and other locations in Europe, America and Asia, is a provider of technologically leading exhaust gas purification systems, primarily for the semiconductor and high-tech industries. Even after the takeover, the headquarters and production site as well as all locations and jobs worldwide will be retained.

Robert Hartung, founder and former owner of centrotherm clean solutions, emphasizes the advantage of a strategic partner for the continuation of the technology leadership achieved in recent years and the company's growth based on this. The technologies and products of Busch, Pfeiffer Vacuum and centrotherm clean solutions complemented each other perfectly. The timing for the acquisition is just right, as the companies can now prepare for the upcoming investments in new semiconductor factories in a strategically coordinated manner.

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