BASF analysis – White remains most popular automotive color

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Whether on the highways in the USA, motorways in Europe or the trunk roads in China, vehicles painted white are the predominant color on all roads around the world. This is one of the key findings of the BASF Color Report 2019 for Automotive OEM Coatings. Around 39 % of all new vehicles produced worldwide are painted white. While in Asia Pacific almost every second car is painted white, in North America and EMEA it is only every third vehicle. In the popularity scale, white is followed by other achromatic colors: black, gray and silver. In total, another 39 % of all new vehicles produced in 2019 rolled off the assembly line in one of these three colors. The remaining 22 % of newly produced vehicles were painted in chromatic colors. Approximately 9 % of all new vehicles produced worldwide were painted in blue and 7 % in red. Compact and small vehicles are more often painted in more colorful shades.

Grey is on the rise

With a share of 77 %, achromatic colors continue to dominate the picture on the streets in the EMEA region. White remains the most popular color, although the number of vehicles painted white has declined slightly. The popularity of silver has also been dampened, while gray continues to be successful with a market share of 20 %. The chromatic color segment also experienced a slight increase. Almost every fourth vehicle in Europe was painted in a chromatic color. Beige made its mark for the first time this year with a market share of 2 %. On North American roads, achromatic colors are clearly in the majority: 77 % of all vehicles are painted white, black, silver or gray. In Asia-Pacific, the majority of vehicles are still painted in achromatic colors, with an unchanged share of 77 %. Almost every second car in the region is white - with a 49 % share in Asia-Pacific, the color is the most popular of all the regions. Pearl white in particular is very popular. With a market share of 39 %, white remains the most popular color among South American car buyers. This trend has now been continuing for years. Other achromatic colors are also very popular with buyers: 23 % choose silver and 14 % grey. With a market share of 11 %, black in South America lags behind the global average of 16 %.

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