Audi tests "overspray-free" painting

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Two colours, one pass: Audi is expanding its range of painting processes to include overspray-free painting (Ofla). This technology makes it possible to paint certain surfaces of a body in a different colour – in one and the same painting process. The innovative process is currently being tested in a pilot plant in Ingolstadt with car roofs in black contrast. Time and material-intensive masking is no longer required for overspray-free painting. Previously, employees had to tape over the desired areas of the car for a contrast coating and subject it to a second painting process. With the new method, a robot-guided, high-precision measuring device now measures the laser soldered seam between the roof and side wall frame of every car before painting. A special applicator then applies the black paint directly to the body with millimetre precision in individual strips. The applicator places the colour strips with sharp edges and without spray mist. The process saves time and money. In addition, no masking material is produced and paint consumption is reduced. Audi plans to bring the process into series production as early as next year. The process offers even more possibilities for individualization in the future.

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