New zinc flake products for high corrosion protection

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Too large, too massive, too temperature-sensitive for a coating - component attributes that no longer apply to the two new products from Dörken MKS. The new zinc flake solution Delta-Protekt 170 RT can now be used to prevent corrosion of temperature-sensitive or large parts and components. The new product is applied by spray application and dries out within 20 to 60 minutes at room temperatures of 20 to 25°C, depending on the thickness of the applied layer. A drying oven is therefore superfluous. In addition, a suitable topcoat can be applied, which additionally increases corrosion protection and improves other properties such as chemical resistance, appearance and haptics. The second product innovation is zinc flake solution in the spray can. Delta-Protekt Repair enables the coating of bare metals, especially for repairing defects after the coating and handling process. However, the product can also be used for small area coating of preassembled component groups which must not be exposed to high baking temperatures. This zinc flake solution also dries at room temperature and offers cathodic corrosion protection as a repair solution for Dörken-MKS basecoats. Both room temperature drying solutions achieve good test results in the laboratory and reach at least 720 h without base metal corrosion in the salt spray test (according to DIN EN ISO 9227).

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