Manual Coating Gun for Large Components

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An automated powder coating system for large parts inevitably involves high investment costs. One possible alternative is manual coating using Wagner's new PEM-TL1 Tribo lance. The benefits of the ergonomic design and the Tribo technology include higher productivity and lower coating costs. The manual powder coating gun is designed for two-handed operation and has a telescopic shaft that can be extended to a length of over 2.8 metres, which allows even very large components to be coated safely from the floor. As the Tribo process does not give rise to a Faraday cage, welds and recesses can be coated more quickly and layers up to 300 μm thick can be applied. The powder-on-powder application of the primer and the top coat provides good corrosion protection and also reduces energy consumption and costs. Wagner supplies three versions of its powder coating gun: a fixed 1-metre lance and two telescopic versions with a maximum length of 1.8 metres and 2.8 metres respectively. A quick-release closure allows the length to be adjusted very quickly. The Tribo lance also has a three-dimensional swan neck that can move through 150 degrees. Multi-slotted nozzles, round jet nozzles and sprinkler nozzles are also available, as well as different hose lengths. The spray gun is supplied with the Sprint X manual unit.

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