clear coating with high gloss retention

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By combining nanoparticles with a flexible resin network, the new Imron 2K High Durability clear coating from Axalta achieves anti-abrasive properties and ensures reliable surface protection even after months of use under the most severe weather conditions. With its low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC), the clear coating is environmentally friendly. It has a good stability in wet condition, which results in a very good appearance. The fully cured product is resistant to washing brushes and abrasives. The paint is particularly suitable for commercial vehicles which must retain their surface gloss even after countless wash cycles. Using modern technologies and high-quality components and properties, the clear coating achieves four times higher gloss retention after washing than comparable products. Axalta offers the Imron coatings for the transport industry in Europe in both solvent-based and water-based versions, including 1pack and 2pack topcoat systems. The user-friendly coatings ensure a high-quality overall appearance and high wear resistance for years to come.

Author(s): Axalta

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